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Construction Document Management

Collabor8online enables you to share your Project Documentation securely, quickly and easily, with colleagues, clients and Subcontractors. Automatic version control ensures that everybody always has the latest version and the inbuilt activity audit ensures that you will always know who did what, and when. Users only see, what you want them to see and our unique Chinese Walls feature means that only you know who you are sharing your documents with. Construction document management the easy way.

Construction Document Management

Key Features

Submittals and Approvals

Ensures documents follow the correct processes, improving overall efficiency. Collabor8Online provides a straightforward solution for tailored document management that meets diverse user needs.

Distribute Drawings

Upload and distribute drawings across your project ensuring that only the relevant teams have access to the relevant drawings. With email integration ensure that all relevant parties are notified when drawings are uploaded

Construction Workflows

Collabor8online’s workflow feature can improve business performance by streamlining work processes, monitoring project progress in real-time, and enabling efficient collaboration.

Automatic Revision Control

Collabor8online’s automatic revision control allows the users to fully maintain your full drawing history ensuring that only the latest version is distributed to the site.

Full Audit Trail

Collabor8online  produces a full audit trial showing you exactly who did what and when. Version control and full revision history means that you can revert to any earlier version of any document, any time.

Control Who You Share With

You invite only the people you want to share your files with and their access is only via Password and secure login. Collabor8online comes with unlimited users and unlimited projects. You decide who can see what.


Create answers and manage or project our advice within the Collabor8online system. Ensuring the rapid responses to all site queries and ensuring the process is streamlined. 

Common Data Environment

Collabor8online provides a secure, sophisticated yet easy to use platform. Allowing our users to create custom folder structures and fully control who has want access to which areas of the project.

Issue Sheets

Collabor8online automatically creates and maintains issue sheets across your entire project. These can be accessed at the folder and project level and also illustrate who has downloaded which issue.

Fully Secure

Fully secure system with encrypted access via HTTPS (the same level of security the banks use) ensures your data is safe and access to it is secure. For extra security your data is encrypted twice, both in transit and at rest.

Building Information Modelling

Collabor8online enables organisations to meet BIM level 2 requirements by creating a Collaborative working environment that enables the digital representation of your project from conception through to completion. Collabor8online’s Common Data Environment is the perfect place to ensure correct construction document control, exchange and management of project data during the design and construction phase and as a repository for information after completion and handover.

Construction Document Management
Construction Document Management

Create Your Folders – As You Like

Create your folder structure exactly as you like. Replicate an existing folder structure from your existing file server or create an entirely new one. what is more. Access and permissions are easily controlled at each folder level, so you can grant full permission to your own team and restrict Sub Contractor access if you wish.

Construction Document Management

Drawing Approvals

Collabor8online’s drawing approval feature is a key component of the platform’s collaboration capabilities. This feature streamlines the drawing approval process by allowing multiple stakeholders to review, approve, and provide feedback on technical drawings and designs in real-time. This significantly speeds up the approval process and reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings. Like any Collabor8online feature, it provides a clear audit trail of all approvals, making it easy to track the progress of a project and resolve any issues that may arise. With Collabor8online’s drawing approval feature, businesses can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their drawing approval process, leading to better collaboration and more successful projects.

Construction Drawing Approvals

UK Owned, Hosted and Supported

All of Collabor8online Service are UK based and fully secure, meaning we fully comply with UK and EU data protection laws and are not subject to US homeland security laws.  In order to comply with UK data protection laws, UK businesses need to ensure that their data is kept within the EU within UK owned data centres.

Cloud Based no extensive IT infrastructure required

Data is securely stored in UK data centres, cloud-based meaning you can access from anywhere, easy to setup and even easier to use, unlimited users and unlimited projects. Collabor8online is the perfect project virtual data room

Construction Document Management
Construction Document Management

Contractor Document Management

Collabor8online is construction management software for builders and contractors. We bring teams together around the projects securely in the cloud. Enabling them to share the relevant drawings, documents and other project related information in a transparent and fully auditable manner. 

Accessed From Anywhere

If you have access to an Internet connection then you have all of your project information. Using a laptop, tablet or even mobile.

Manage Drawings

Issue, distribute and update your project drawings from Collabor8online. Ensure that teams are working on the most recent revision of any drawing.

Connect The Site and Office

Allow all contractors to be fully connected to all project information across all teams from design, build to back office.

Fully Project History

Collabor8online is fully auditable. All actions are recorded within the system to ensure that you can see who accessed which document and when.

Construction Document Management
Construction Document Management
Construction Document Management

Industry Specific For Contractors

Store and securely share Health and Safety information, RAMS, Project Specifications, Drawings for Approval and Approved. Gantt Style display of Project Milestones and progress. Record Project correspondence in one place with seamless email integration, Time Sheets, RFI’s, Snagging, enabling effective construction document management.

Prices and Plans

We offer a wide range of systems and services to enable our clients Manage projects online and share documents quickly & efficiently with unlimited users.

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