Collabor8online has found great success within the Construction and associated trades sectors.



Now, drawing heavily on our many years experience in the sector, we have refined our product to produce a version configured specifically for the Construction sector.

The product, of course includes all of Collabor8online’s basic features allowing organisations to store and share their project documentation securely, quickly and easily.

Contractor specific features include preconfigured templates to accommodate Health and Safety, RAM’s, Drawings for Approval and Approved, Gant Style display of Project Milestones and progress,  project correspondence, Time Sheets, RFI’s, Snagging.

Our unlimited users policy enables documents to be shared with co-workers, clients, subcontractors and associated trades without price penalty or compromise.

Most importantly Collabor8online Common Data Environment enables organisations to meet BIM level 2 requirements, enabling a digital representation of your project from conception through to completion.

UK Owned Hosted and Supported Collabor8online fully complies with UK and EU data protection laws and is not subject to US homeland security laws.


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