Site Manager App

Streamline your construction management processes with our powerful app designed to enhance safety, efficiency and communication on-site.

Move To Paperless Documentation

Conduct customised reports assessments and complete documentation directly from the site manager.

Transform your construction site into a paperless environment.

Handle key processes like snagging, health and safety, and quality control from mobile devices.

Streamline documentation and communication for meticulous tracking and management in real-time. 

Streamlined  Processes

With Collabor8Online’s Advanced Workflows and Form Builder you can design your own customise process to suit your business needs. 

Embrace efficient and organised site management with Collabor8Online.

Use the app’s daily site diary for real-time updates and record-keeping, enhancing transparency.

Easily manage and order materials and equipment to keep your site operational.

Conduct thorough site inductions before operatives arrive on-site, ensuring compliance.

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Connect The Site and The Office 

Connect all your staff and teams on one platform for seamless data exchange.

Seamlessly connects the site with the office by centralising all project information on one platform.

Enables efficient management of drawings and revisions, ensuring access to the latest plans and updates.

Users can access site drawings and reports, manage plant and material requisitions, and oversee every aspect of the project from any location.

Work Offline with – Site Manager

Collabor8Online Site Manager empowers users to work offline on a building site.

Perform essential tasks, record data, and manage site activities directly through the app.

Publish work easily once back in an area with an Internet connection, such as the site cabin.