Construction Submittals and Approvals 

Collabor8Online lets users create their own custom submittals and approvals processes with ease. The user-friendly interface allows for the customisation of stages, routes, assignees, and options on a fully flexible platform. This ensures documents follow the correct processes, improving overall efficiency. Collabor8Online provides a straightforward solution for tailored document management that meets diverse user needs.

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Submittals and Approvals

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Submittals and Approvals

Real-time, visibility

Effortlessly track submission approvals with Collabor8Online’s custom feature. Automate from upload to approval using Project Dashboards for real-time visibility. Automatic tracking and display of transition dates enhance transparency, keeping stakeholders informed about submission progress.

Constuction Submittals and Approvals

Build Custom Submitals and Approvals Workflow


Experience the power of custom-built Submittals and Approvals Workflows with Collabor8Online. Say goodbye to generic approaches as you tailor submission and approval processes to your business needs. With user-friendly tools, craft workflows that align seamlessly with your organisation’s requirements, enhancing productivity and ensuring success.



Submittals and Approvals
Submittals and Approvals

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We offer a wide range of systems and services to enable our clients Manage projects online and share documents quickly & efficiently with unlimited users.

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Unlock operational excellence with Collabor8Online’s innovative workflow reporting. Our advanced tools empower clients to enhance efficiency, productivity, and visibility in operations. By offering insights into performance, bottlenecks, and trends, Collabor8Online facilitates informed decisions and precise process streamlining. This visibility fosters a proactive approach to challenges, optimizing workflows and ensuring remarkable productivity gains. Transform your business with Collabor8Online’s unique reporting, driving a more streamlined and productive future.