Case Study

Collabor8 and Centuries Limited

Technical Translations

Collabor8 customer is a supplier of high quality technical translations to a wide range of global clients in sectors ranging from legal to financial industrial. When company founder Ben Wyatt set the business up in 2009 it was with the aim of providing an easy interface between clients, project mangers and translators all over the world, enabling projects to be delivered faster and at less cost but without compromising on quality.

Technical Translations clients are industry leaders operating in a wide variety of technical fields and they need top-quality translations of technical documents, software and artwork delivered within often limited timescales. As former Director of a traditional translation agency, when creating his own business in technical translations Ben decided to do away with expensive office overheads and utilise a home-based project management team working with some of the best freelance translators in the business. On top of this, and to make Technical Translations even more accessible to clients, he was looking for a way of allowing clients and translators to share documents, artwork and communicate instantly and effectively from remote locations. The collabor8 system provided an ideal platform to make this possible.

The Collabor8 online management system is a cloud based project management application, accessible at anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. Access to projects can be shared with colleagues, contacts, clients and suppliers in any part of the world, and clients can view the progress of their projects in real time so there is no fear of missed deadlines. Access permissions can be tailored exactly to our requirements, with people able to locate and view only the exact files and folders that they will need to in order to upload data or complete a project.

Ben says of the Collabor8 system “This online tool does away with the need for Technical Translations to maintain expensive file servers and office space, or worry about having to constantly upgrade our IT infrastructure. It helps us keep our costs low and improves our management controls. I can see all our work in progress at a glance and plan resources accordingly and our translators and project managers seem to really like using the facilities like the TO DO or WATCH functions. It was vital that our cloud-based management system should be easy to use. Busy clients do not have the time to undergo lengthy training and want a quick login screen and somewhere to upload documents for us to translate. Our suppliers are also busy and Collabor8 allows them to drop files directly into the relevant folders ready for the client to download as soon as the work is completed. It sounds simple, but Collabor8 is truly an invaluable aid to Technical Translations, being a tool that allows access from office, site and home to manage documents, tasks, issues, and calendars and communication between Project Managers on the go.”

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