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Clyde Gateway choose Collabor8online for virtual data room

Clyde Gateway is one of the UK’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration programmes. Government backed, the organisation is tasked over a 20-year period to lead the way on achieving unparalleled social, economic and physical change across a range of communities within and to the east of Glasgow. From the outset, it was apparent that the project would involve a large number of companies and carefully selected partner organisations, including potential investors and other stakeholders, who would work together on the regeneration, including the construction of a significant number of new buildings and offices.

Project information including specifications, drawings and contractual documentation would need to be securely held in one central data room, in such a way that partner organisations could have access to appropriate files, whilst also ensuring that sensitive information was kept separate and available only to those with authority to view it.

Clyde Gateway chose Collabor8online as their preferred solution.

Project Manager Dougie Cameron commented,

“We liked the way that you can set up the folder structure exactly as you wanted to. We were able to replicate our own folder structure so that our users were immediately familiar with the layout. Collabor8online is easy-to-use; we’ve been able to make changes to the structure and layout as our projects have developed. There is no limit on the number of users and that is been great, because of the large number of organisations and users that we deal with.”

Collabor8online lets you invite as many users as you like to your project, you can grant access to all areas or just selected parts of your project. You can restrict users access to view only or give view and edit access to co-workers or trusted colleagues. Furthermore, Collabor8online is entirely owned and hosted within the UK, ensuring that your organisation complies with all UK and EU data laws.

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