Although we are proud to have a number of non-profit organisations amongst our users, the NSPCC does not fit our typical client profile.

However, when you recognise that they had a portfolio of almost 160 properties to manage, you can certainly understand their need to seek out some tools to assist in the process.

The NSPCC started a Property Change Management Programme whereby they wanted to reduce the number of properties in their portfolio to around 50 properties.  In addition, they needed to look for new properties and refurbish existing properties to ensure that the portfolio contained bigger service centres to meet the needs of the children and families they work with.

Managing such a portfolio is invariably a complex and difficult task.  Documentation for each property needs to be recorded and stored safely and securely but in such a way that it is accessible to all relevant staff members.  Furthermore, external contractors or partners may also need access to certain aspects of that information. This made the task more complex.

So, when faced with the task of consolidating their portfolio the NSPCC looked for a tool that could make the process easier.

Louisa Power (Special Projects Officer) adds “We were looking for something that would allow us to store all our project documentation and drawings and most importantly allow us to grant access to individual contractors that were working on specific projects.  We have found Collabor8online particularly easy-to-use, which was a key requirement for us.  Having all our documents in one place with easily manageable access and permissions was especially useful”

Collabor8online was chosen following an initial investigation by the NSPCC IT staff.  A short field trial was set up by the Property Team.  In total, the system was up and running in a few weeks and there is now a team of 42 users within the Property Team and their external partners. 

Collabor8online allows you to manage your projects in your own way.  With a user interface that is so familiar if you’ve used a PC or Mac before, you already know how to use it.

We are delighted to welcome such a special organisation as the NSPCC to our rapidly growing user base.