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Share files securely, control who can see what, share your documents and manage your projects online, enable your teams to work together efficiently to save time and reduce mistakes.

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Take the stress out of running your projects. Your clients will love Collabor8online and so will your team. Coordinate anything plan everything, worry about nothing.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients come to us from a wide variety of industries and sectors including the construction industry and associated trades & professions, we are also delighted to include companies from legal, accountancy & other professions. Scroll down for more

Easy to Use

We’ve used an explorer style interface, so, If you’ve used a PC on Mac before you already know how to use it. You can create a folder with just one click and into that folder you can put just about anything you like. Word Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF Files, CAD drawings, Videos, backups (we did say anything!)

Everything in One Place

Keep all of your project documentation online and together in one place. Our online project management and online task management systems lets you manage all of your projects and documents together securely and access them 24/7, from anywhere and from any device.

Control Who Can See

System administrators have full control over who can see what. View, edit and delete  permissions can be given for each folder or subfolder putting system administrators in complete control. Users and Clients only get to see information that is relevant to them.

How Does Project Management Work Video?

Project management involves documentation, lots of it!  Online project management and online document sharing helps to keep things running smoothly and stops you getting in a mess. Collabor8online will help you keep control of your projects and avoid getting tangled up in processes, red tape and string!

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Easy to use

We’ve used an explorer style interface that just about every computer user is familiar with. You can create folders with just one click and into those folders you can put just about anything you like, you get to decide who sees what at every stage. You can create tasks for yourself or other team member, share calendars via google or outlook

Integrates seamlessly with email

Whether you use Outlook, Mac mail, Gmail or whatever, all of your project correspondence is routed automatically back to your project folder, keeping all of your correspondence and documentation in one place

online task management

Online Task Management

Collabor8online incorporates a comprehensive task management system, tasks can be assigned to yourself or team members, can be recurring and can include alerts and alrms to asvise when overdue.

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Most of our plans include UNLIMITED users and UNLIMITED projects,  we also have dedicated and self hosted server solutions

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Video Overview

This short video overview (3 min)  takes you through the basic functions features and highlights

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