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Document and Project Management

for the Professional Services Sector

Share your Documents Securely Online

Collabor8online enables you to share your Documentation securely, quickly and easily, with colleagues and clients. Automatic version control ensures that everybody always has the latest version and the inbuilt activity audit ensures that you will always know who did what, and when. Users only see, what you want them to see and our unique Chinese Walls feature means that only you know who you are sharing your documents with.

UK Owned Hosted and Supported

All of Collabor8online Service are UK based and fully secure, meaning we fully comply with UK and EU data protection laws and are not subject to US homeland security laws.  In order to comply with UK data protection laws, UK businesses need to ensure that their data is kept within the EU within UK owned data centres.

Building Information Modelling

Collabor8online enables organisations to meet BIM level 2 requirements by creating a Collaborative working environment that enables the digital representation of your project from conception through to completion. Collabor8Online’s Common Data Environment is the perfect place to securely store, exchange and manage project data during the design and construction phase and as a repository for that information after completion and handover.


White Label – Make it your own

There is a growing trend for businesses to make use of temporary facilities to facilitate document sharing online, with Collabor8online you can create your own virtual data room, use it for as long as you need it (i.e. the duration of your project) then take it down. With Collabor8online document sharing online is safe secure and easy.

Prices and Plans

You can sign up for our Professional Version online, you can be up and running in 60 seconds. For details of our Group and Corporate versions Call 020 3369 6491

Manage your Document Processes

 Easily control drawing and document issuing processes, automatic version control ensures everyone has the latest version whilst administrators may revert to previous versions if required. Built-in activity audit shows who did what and when, and administrators are always in control of who can see what.

Video Overview

This short overview (3 min) takes you through the basic functions features and highlights.

Multiple Collabor8online Accounts

Projects and interested parties may easily be kept separate by following simple folder structure however, corporate and group versions include completely separate Collabor8online accounts enabling further project and team separation where required.



“There is no limit on the number of users and that is been great, because of the large number of organisations and users that we deal with”

Dougie Cameron
Project Manager, Clyde Gateway