Online Project Management

“Task Management features have now been developed into our RFI Management Suit in Collabor8online Version 2”

Online Project Management with Collabor8online allows you to share your documents and manage your projects online, enabling teams to work together efficiently, saving time and reducing mistakes. It’s so easy to use if you’ve used a PC or Mac before you already know how to use it.

Manage Projects

Keep all project documentation and correspondence in one place. Share Project Calendars, via Google, Outlook or iCal, see who’s doing what and when.

Keep Track

Keep track of who is doing what and when, with “to-do” lists. Tasks can be assigned to team members or just used as personal reminders.

Integrates with Email

All of your project email is routed automatically back to your project folder, keeping all of your correspondence and documentation in one place.

Video Overview

Click here to view a 3 min video overview of the system,  more videos are available via our help pages or product tour.

Prices and Plans

You can sign up for our Professional Version online, you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

For details of our Group and Corporate versions Call 020 3369 6491

Assign tasks or To-Do’s to team members

Tasks can be assigned to team members  or use just the personal reminders. When a task is marked as completed, the person who assigned it receives an e-mail confirming that the task has been done.  Tasks can have attachments,  such as Word documents or PDF’s, they can be recurring and can include alerts that the  task is due soon or alarms if the target completion date is missed.

Sometimes a “to do” task needs a bit more

Some tasks are easy to define, “don’t forget the milk”, “pick up the dry cleaning” or “remember to send the invoice”. But sometimes, the instruction needs to be a little bit more precise.

It’s always difficult to make instructions foolproof, because fools can be so ingenious
So, let’s go back to that simple one, “remember to send the invoice” perhaps it would be handy if the instruction could be a little more precise. For example, remember to send the invoice (invoice template attached), remember to follow the procedure (copy of invoicing procedure attached), this needs to be completed by [enter date here], and in fact will need to be repeated on the first – [Monday] of every [week/month]. Collabor8online, allows users to create tasks (and make them recurring) assign them to team members, with deadlines and include attachments to the task containing supporting or any other documentation. It doesn’t stop there – here’s a brief checklist of INCLUDED features.
  • Tell your [boss/department head] that I’ve asked you to do this task for me
  • Tell me when you’ve completed it
  • Create a time sheet entry for the time you spend doing this task
  • If you’re off sick and can’t complete the task, tell one of your colleagues so that they can step in
  • If, for any reason the task is not done by the time stipulated. Tell me, your supervisor and the local recruitment agency that we’re hiring 🙂
Collabor8online allows users to create tasks and assign them to themselves or other team members, the tasks can be recurring, they can have alerts that occur both before (i.e. reminders that the task is becoming due) or alarms in the case of a task not being completed by the due date. Tasks can have any number of files or images attached to them. The person the task is assigned to will receive an e-mail advising them that they’ve been assigned the task, any number of other users can be “copied in” to this instruction. Finally, of course when the task is marked as completed the person who assigned it, will receive an e-mail advising them that the task has been completed. Collabor8online does everything except actually do the task (we’re working on that one)

Smart add automatically matches documents to earlier versions.

Intelligent matching adapts to a variety of drawing naming methodologies.

Online Project Management

Collabor8online online project management is the easy way to manage your projects online, share your files and documents and communicate with your team.  You can keep track of all your project documents and make sure that everybody has the most up-to-date version.  You can keep on top of who is doing what and when and you can monitor project milestones and never miss a deadline again.

Integrates seamlessly with email

Whether you use Outlook, Mac mail, Gmail or whatever, all of your project correspondence is routed automatically back to your project folder, keeping all of your correspondence and documentation in one place

Like most small business owners I don’t have the luxury of being able to stay at my desk until all the paperwork is done. I frequently have to get out to visit sites or clients and check on progress of the jobs themselves as well as actually having to do the work on some of them as well! This means that I’m never sure exactly when I’ll be able to get to do the paperwork or where I’ll actually be when I do it. Collabor8online gives me a copy of all my files on the Internet so, I can always get to my paperwork wherever I am, be that at home, office or even occasionally from site.

James Philips

Director, Mossfield Electrical Ltd