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We frequently asked about GDPR compliance. Recently I’ve been reminded of an old quotation

“if you think training is expensive, try ignorance”, I’m thinking it should be re worded slightly, “if you think GDPR compliance is expensive how does a €20 million fine sound?”

Because after 25th May 2018 that is what it will non-compliance could cost you!

I suspect many businesses may fall into the trap of thinking “this doesn’t won’t apply to us, because we don’t process personal data, but be aware, the scope of this regulation is very wide, your company may be a controller or a processor of data and when you recognise that the definition of personal data includes something as seemingly inoffensive as an email address, you need to conclude that most if not all UK businesses will be affected by GDPR.

One aspect, which needs to be considered carefully is the requirement for both “Privacy and Security by Design and Default”. So, your processing or controlling of data needs to be inherently secure and private and here’s the kicker

“Email is most definitely not inherently secure or private by Design and Default”.

So the very simple and seemingly inoffensive action of emailing a spreadsheet or document to one of your colleagues or contacts suddenly becomes fraught with danger, if said spreadsheet contains something as simple as a persons email addresses!

Online file sharing services can be used as an alternative to email. So, in effect instead of emailing the actual spreadsheet or piece of data containing personal information you would send and email that contains a link to that file that would only work if someone had the appropriate username, password and access privileges. Private and Secure by Design and Default.

In truth, the process of sending a file with an attachment changes very little, using Collabor8online you simply upload your file to collabor8online and at the same time you can generate an email (containing an appropriately secure link) to the person or persons you wish to send that data to.

Quick and easy and quick and easy to set up to. with Collabor8online you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

Quick and easy and quick and easy to set up to. with Collabor8online you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

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How Easy is it? 

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