5 ThingsCollabor8online has actually been around since 2009 – that’s five years in the cloud! Over the years we’ve introduced so many new features it sometimes easy to overlook some of the ones that bring most benefits – here’s our current top five Although that’s changing all the time 🙂

Email Integration

You can send emails from Collabor8online but what is more you can reply to them! if you generate a message or notification from within Collabor8online to any of your fellow collaborators .. they can simply reply to the email message directly from Outlook, Gmail or whatever mail service they use. Their reply will be automatically threaded back to the corresponding folder and conversation.

Sort your folders A-Z

Sort hundreds of folders. If you can’t easily find the folder you’re looking for, an A-Z sort lets you quickly find folders or subfolders. Or – if you’re one of those organised types to always creates folders in a certain structure that you’re familiar with, unsorted mode immediately ‘Un Sorsts’ the list back to the layout that you are (apparently) familiar with.

Link to your Calendar

Your homepage calendar from within Collabor8online can be automatically linked to your PC or Mac desktop or mobile device Calendar. From within the “your details” section link your calendar to Google calendar and from Google calendar you can link again to (just about) anywhere else – true for many this will be a two stage process – but if you’re having any difficulty setting it up just call our support line. It is there here to help and there is no charge!

Synchronise your files and folders

Our desktop file sync tool lets you synchronise folders from your PC or Mac directly to Collabor8online – all you need to do is save your documents into the folder on your computer and Collabor8online will do the rest –

Add as many users as you like

Unlimited – yes UNLIMITED users (okay subject to our fair use policy) but basically unless you are planning on opening your own file- sharing bureau, you can share your documents, folders and content with anyone you care to invite. They DO NOT need to have a Collabor8online subscription

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