Managing projects, teams & individuals. Collabor8online puts you in charge of tasks, calendars & files. Project management is all about communicating what you’ve agreed to do, who is going to do it and by what time.

Web Based Project Management Software

One version of the truth

Project management is all about communication. Communicating what you’ve agreed to do, who is going to do it and by what time. Collabor8online’s web based project management software gives you an online “space” in the cloud where you can share project information with colleagues and communicate about changes, deadlines and priorities.

Create your own folders

Upload your documents into folders that look exactly like the ones on your desktop.  Project documents can be published and shared with colleagues and clients in real time. Assign tasks or To-Do’s with deadlines. Tasks can be assigned to team members and progress monitored, the system will automatically generate alerts when tasks become overdue or are completed.

Send Project Messages

Collaborate is best friends with e-mail. If you change a document, add a comment or assign a To-Do, you can notify other members of your team or with just one click “everyone”.

Schedule events and milestone in Calendars

Project events, meetings and milestones can be recorded and monitored, with every user’s homepage automatically showing them the project events that are relevant to them. Be alerted automatically – Individual projects, documents or images can be placed on watch alert, the system will automatically notify the user when any of their watched content changes. RSS feeds can present managers with a unique “helicopter view” of all activities on their projects. Our web based project management software is advanced, yet simple to use.

Collabor8 keeps every version of every file

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