A place for everything and everything in its place, all of your project documentation in one place, accessible to all your team, wherever they are and automatic version control ensures that they all have the correct version.

All of your project documentation in one place and accessible to all your team wherever they are. Automatic version control makes sure that the latest versions of all your Word, Excel, PDF or CAD* documents are available to all,  Collabor8 will send you an e-mail when content changes or when someone make a comment.*Collaborate supports all major file types, plus many more  you’ve probably never heard of.

“Collabor8Online will keep a copy of every version of every file; you can go back to see what changed and who changed it, as project manager you can even revert to the original version.”

Watch a video about uploading files

Preview Images

If you upload an image collabor8 will automatically create a thumbnail of it for you for easy viewing.  Click on the thumbnail and the image will expand to full size allowing you to scroll through images quickly and easily.

Comment on Content

Comments and feedback can be channelled to one location, giving one point of communication and allowing final documents to be agreed quickly and easily.

Do you work on the same type of projects again and again?

With the templates feature you can create your own templates based on a folders that you create, allowing you to jump start new projects with just one click. You can even include standard tasks and project documentation such as terms and conditions, quality assurance or health and safety.

Access from anywhere, anytime, office, home or mobile, iPhone, iPad

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