Task Management

“Task Management features have now been developed into our RFI Management Suit in Collabor8online Version 2”

Task Management

Collabor8online Comprehensive task management allows users to create not just simple tasks and reminders but comprehensive work instructions that can include attachments such as Word documents or PDFs, reminders and alerts (even alarms if the task falls overdue). Tasks may be set to recur  daily, weekly or monthly or to a custom pattern. You can also create a timesheet entry for each task.

Assign to-dos with deadlines and set alerts. 

Making to-do lists and adding to-do items literally just takes seconds. Collabor8  is set up to make the things you do most often really fast and really easy.

You can create a to-do item, assign it to a team member (or yourself!), add a deadline and notify other team members with just a few clicks, it literally takes seconds.

Collabor8 will even tell you when a task you have assigned to another team member has been completed by sending you an e-mail!


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Add Attachments to Tasks

To Do’s In Colour

Schedule project milestones.

Using the project calendar and to-so lists you can keep track of what’s due, when it’s due, and who’s responsible for  it.  Project events or milestones  are great for scheduling project phases, due dates, and deadlines. Your oh personal homepage or dashboard will show you everything that’s coming up in the next two weeks.

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Collabor8online allows you to share your documents and manage your projects online, enabling teams to work together efficiently, saving time and reducing mistakes. Its so easy to use, if you’ve used a PC or Mac before you already know how to use it.

Easy to Use

We’ve used an explorer style interface, so, If you’ve used a PC on Mac before you already know how to use it. You can create a folder with just one click and into that folder you can put just about anything you like.

Everything in One Place

Keep all of your project documentation online and together in one place. Our online project management and online task management systems lets you manage all of your projects and documents together securely and access them 24/7

Control Who Can See

System administrators have full control over who can see what. View, edit and delete  permissions can be given for each folder or subfolder putting system administrators in complete control.

Client Testimonials

Our clients come to us from a wide variety of industries and sectors including the construction industry and associated trades & professions, we are also delighted to include companies from legal, accountancy & other professions