Email is Not Secure

When the Jeremy Vine show (BBC other radio stations are available) announces that “email is not secure”, you wonder if people will actually take notice.  I just caught a snippet of an interesting piece today about online security, when the resident expert casually commented “email is not secure”.  I sensed there were gasps around the studio if not across the country.

The program whilst informative, then regrettably dwindled off into tales of online scams where people were duped by requests to submit bank details, passport number, next of kin, blood group etc – needless to say somebody called in who had actually done it!  Which of course was then followed by sincere advice of how to avoid such scams, with Jeremy handling the conversations with his usual charms and managing to avoid saying “don’t be so stupid” at any point.

But that one line, delivered early in the conversation “email is not secure” seemed to linger, because of course, email is not secure and yet so many people think it is.

I’ve thought of a decent analogy:

Email is like opening your window and shouting your message out loudly, in the direction of your intended recipient.

The recipient may well receive it,  but then anyone who was listening would receive it too, They and the intended recipient, could then rebroadcast your message by shouting it out of their window in any direction of their choosing. Pretty soon, the whole world could know your message.

Of course email works so well for so many things, if your messages simply,  “what time are we meeting” or “here is the answer to your question” security might not be an issue at all but if, your message was “here are your contractual documents” or “here are your accounts”… or “here is that personal information you requested” then security becomes the issue.

If businesses need to share documents securely online, then Collabor8online is one vehicle that provides a solution. With Collabor8online the files themselves are stored securely and can only be accessed via secure login and each users own unique password. One useful feature is that email conversations, about the documents can carry on through the usual channels (email) but the documents themselves will only be accessible to those users who have been granted access to view them.

Quick, easy and secure is what we aim for.

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