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Project Management for Architects

Project Management for Architects 

Issue Drawings – Automatic Version Control Reduce Risk – Work with large files easily Control – Communicate with your team and clients Secure – Central location to store all project information Reduce costs – on printing, postage and couriers Full audit trail-see who did what and when

Collabor8online helps Architects issue drawings and project documentation quickly and easily. Practices use Collabor8online to manage projects from conception through to completion, saving time, reducing mistakes and building stronger relationships with clients.

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You can sign up for our Professional Version online, you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

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Project Management for Architects


By managing projects online, rather that relying on email, projects stay on track; architects can work faster and coordinate projects better. Vital information is no longer buried at the bottom of someone’s inbox! Reports keep users informed about exactly who did what and when, reducing contractual disputes and easing workflow.Client Testimonial


Collabor8online Project Management for Architects requires no technical expertise or complex IT infrastructure. All you need is a PC or Mac and an Internet connection. It’s so easy to use, the folder structure is immediately familiar to anyone who’s used Windows or Mac, you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

There is no better way to share files and communicate

If you’re looking for Project Management for Architects then why not try Collabor8online you can sign up in 60 seconds, no credit card is required, no fixed term contract, you can cancel at any time, trying Collabor8online is completely risk-free 

Automatic Version Control

Our online software solution keeps a copy of every version of every file you can easily go back to see what has changed within the project, and who changed it. As a project manager you can even revert to the original version if you like.

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Access from Anywhere

Access your projects anywhere any time with our architectural project management software. With Collabor8online you will never need to be stuck at your desk. You can access the software from anywhere with an Internet connection, or from a mobile device and you can view files from home or on site using your own secure user name and password.More about anywhere

Sign up in 60 seconds, Free trial, no long-term contracts, pay-as-you-go.
Collabor8online starts at  only £25/month.