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Kitchener 2000 Ltd was established in 1996 and has been providing Portable Appliance Testing Services or PAT Testing Services throughout the UK ever since. With a mobile team of highly trained and skilled Electrical Technicians they provide their services to an ever growing customer base that includes Local Authorities, Hotel and Leisure Industries, Government and NHS premises to name just a few.

Kitchener 2000 pride themselves on the quality of service they offer and are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve both the delivery of their service and the “user experience” they deliver to their clients. Attending on-site and carrying out inspections and tests is only the beginning of the process, once completed the results need to be delivered to their clients in as efficient a way as possible whilst ensuring that all appropriate quality standards are adhered to. In the past, delivery of results by email has proved problematic.

Maddy Cirino of Kitchener 2000 explains “For each set of results we would have to compose an email for the client and attach the test results as a separate document, this was both time-consuming and inefficient. Frequently clients would misplace those emails and we would have to submit the results again”

It was decided that a centralised repository or “portal” would provide the best possible solution in terms of efficiency for Kitchener 2000’s own staff and ease of access for clients, access would need to be available 24/7, as many clients operated on a shift basis and demanded round-the-clock service. To meet these needs they chose Collabor8online.

Maddy Cirino again “We needed something that was easy-to-use, so that we could upload the test results quickly for each client to one central point. We then needed each client be able to login and see their own results quickly and easily. Collabor8online has done that for us. It’s very easy to use and what has been especially pleasing is that if we, or our clients have any difficulties, they can contact the Collabor8online support team who respond very quickly. This is definitely a much better way of doing things”

Collabor8online allows users to upload documents to individual folders for clients or projects. Most importantly account owners can then grant access to those folders, via secure login for their own clients, who may then view and retrieve their own documents.

Collabor8online’s unlimited users policy means that you can share your documents with as many of your clients or contacts as you like and it’s sophisticated permissions system make it easy to control who can see what.

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