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Share and FileShare.

Secure File Sharing with Collabor8online


Introducing Share

 “is a simply a quick way of adding a new user to your account and instantly giving them access to one folder”

Share –  is simply a quick way of adding a new user to your account and instantly giving them access to one folder. (This function is only available to administrators) Simply click the Share button at the top of any folder, and enter the user’s email address. If the user already exists on your system (or any other Collabor8online account) then he will be given view only access to the current folder. If he/she isn’t an existing user, then an email invitation will be sent by email containing details of username and password and permission will be given to view the current folder.  It’s that Simple!

Prices and Plans

We offer a wide range of systems and services to enable our clients Manage projects online and share documents quickly & efficiently with unlimited users

Introcudcuing File Share

FileShare –  is a way of sharing individual files with users who are not users on your Collabor8online account.  Simply click the FileShare icon next to any attachment or image and you will be prompted to enter your contacts’ email address together with a short message about the file you are sharing. Your contact will then receive an email which will include a link that will allow them to directly download the file, without the need to login to Collabor8online.  You can also set an expiration period for the link that you send (the default at 48 hours)

Further explanation for system administrators

The Share button, because it allows users to add users to your account, is only available to system administrators. You can have as many system administrators as you like.  if you’d like to make any of your users administrators, simply get in touch with our support team and we can do that for you.

You can give any of your users the ability to use the FileShare feature.  But you have to switch it on for each user,  Simply tick the box “Can share files?”  In the user details section.(You can access this page from the all users option at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar then select the pencil icon to edit an individual users details).

Full video explanation for system administrators