Building Services

Building Services
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BIM Building Information Services One central location for all files Hold contract and lease information Monitor Health and safety – ensure compliance Communicate with your team – contacts and clients End contractual disputes – See what expires and when

Hold Building Services Information Online

Holding Building Services information online helps ensure compliance with all issues. Health and safety records may be easily stored, accessed and monitored. Similarly fire alarm or other tests may be scheduled, actioned and recorded and all other aspects of building maintenance planned and monitored.

Building Services Documents may be uploaded into a central repository, with team members being automatically informed of new releases or revisions (Avoiding mistakes!). Expiration dates and all other important milestones and deadlines are easily monitored and actually flagged up on each users homepage. Any overdue items are automatically highlighted every time the user logs in!

Ensuring compliance is a big issue for most building services companies. Collabor8online allows you to record details concerning landlord and tenant obligations together with detailed information concerning any fire alarm or other complaints records. Full details can be recorded along with expiration and renewal dates, to the point of automatically alerting stakeholders that essential tasks of not been completed.

Control Access

Once the documentation is uploaded it, it can be made available to every party involved in the project (although you control access at every stage) this helps collaboration between all of the departments and disciplines involved in each project;  and of course Collabor8online helps you save money on printing, courier and distribution costs. Video about Permissions

Access from Anywhere

You can keep track of tasks and project deadlines easily, comment on documents or progress and share information with the rest of your team,  collabor8online construction project management software allows you to manage your projects the easy way.

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