Slim Mediation Ltd and EasyShare

Slim Mediation Ltd are a modern innovative provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution services for the commercial business sector, property and construction industry with founder members in Oslo, Zurich, London and Dubai, backed by a team of enthusiastic, experienced professionals.

In order to continue to meet the needs of their clients, across the world Slim Mediation recognised it was essential that their services be supported up by an efficient and secure communication tool that enabled them to manage, share and communicate important confidential documentation with their clients, for this they chose Collabor8online. After using for a few months they soon realised that Collabor8online provided the flexibility and adaptability to provide them with a mediation and arbitration platform.

Marcus Cato of Slim Mediation.

“We recognised that Collabor8online had the ability not just to provide a structured format for exchanging important documentation quickly and securely but could be used to educate and guide clients through the mediation process and provide an easy to use tool which we developed with Collabor8online which we called EasyShare. We wanted to make sure that our client’s user experience was intuitive and as easy as possible, in that respect the development of the “EasyShare” function was key. This allows users to quickly compile the relevant documents using guidance notes and examples embedded in the platform and then, with just one click, share those documents with the mediator and the parties. EasyShare provides a guide them through the process and ensure that they follow the correct procedures. This saves a huge amount of time and effort for everyone. ”

Colin Barnes from Collabor8online takes up the story.

“We are always delighted when a client not only adopts our product but then comes back to us with suggested improvements. There is absolutely no doubt at all that the best ideas come from people who actually use our product in the real world. The EasyShare function was a refinement that allows a user to share an entire folder’s contents securely with just one click. That functionality was always there, but previously the user would have to gone through several steps, thanks to the feedback from Slim Mediation its’ use is much easier and this dramatically improves the overall user experience, which is always our goal. Slim Mediation remain one of our most valued clients and we continue to work together to improve Collabor8online in all areas.

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