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Recurring Tasks

We all have tasks to do that sometimes re-occur, from business items such as quarterly VAT returns or payments, invoicing runs, Bills to pay 🙂 to the more mundane, pick up the kids or remember the milk. Now Collabor8online allows you to create recurring tasks either daily, weekly or monthly and a custom option to cater for those awkward (second Tuesday on every alternate month type events!) – check it out now, it’s simple effective and it works.

  • Create Recurring Tasks
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Custom
  • Assign Task to Team Members


Recurring To-do’s or Events (Custom Option)

Task so important you cannot afford to miss it?

Add Alters to Tasks

Perhaps it’s that VAT payment again, or something even more dramatic such as fire alarm inspection, or some health and safety or other compliance issue – Now you can set up a series of alerts and alarms against every task that you create. So for example if you need to test the fire alarm at the beginning of every month, you can have the system send you an email reminder seven days before, then another reminder the day before, to cover the case of absence or sickness these reminders can be sent to any number of colleagues or team members. You can even send a further reminder if the deadline date for your task is missed. This final reminder could be sent to supervisors or administrators so that appropriate action may be taken.

  • Get Email Alerts when task is assigned to you
  • Is Due soon
  • A task Assigned BY you is Completed
  • Is overdue!

Recurring To-do’s or Events Basic Operation


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