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Data Rooms

Perhaps your company operates as part of a group with separate divisions, on the other hand perhaps you have a major project that you like to keep separate from your other projects, or perhaps you have an ongoing requirement for completely separate data rooms for your various clients.

Collabor8online’s  multi-company feature might be just the thing you need, both Group and Corporate versions include multi companies offering up to 3 and 10 separate companies (or data rooms) entirely.

Once set up (just call, we can usually do that over the phone), your users and content can be added and managed in each separate data room.  Individual users can belong to one or more of your accounts and you can have separate administrators for each data room if you wish.

The video below walks you through the basics –  if you’d like to know more please call.

Collabor8online allows you to set up multiple data rooms and manage them independently.

Hosted in the UK

Most importantly Collabor8online data rooms are entirely hosted managed and supported within the UK.  This ensures compliance with the appropriate legislation that is required by many trade associations and professional bodies. Our servers are not subject to US data protection laws

This is ideal if your company has a separate group division with different users, clients, contacts and projects. For more information read our article about a pop-up virtual data room. Also your own virtual data room. Collabor8online is used throughout the UK and overseas to set up data rooms for companies in the construction and professional services sector.

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