We’ve introduced a new feature to allow system administrators to create an “Example Project”.

Whilst this may seem fairly obvious (don’t software developers always miss the obvious?) The popularity that has greeted this new feature, proves its usefulness.

Essentially, the example project shows a simple structure of just 7 folders,  that illustrate the ability to share files, keep some files private,  allocate tasks, share messages and comments with team members and display all relevant content in a project calendar.

Colin Barnes comments. The example project illustrates not just the simple folder structure that allows users to share files, but that the introduction of colour and avatars/images for users really brings the application to life,  our users have become used to Facebook or LinkedIn activity feeds and are familiar with this type of view.  The folder structure makes it really easy to navigate, if you want to know about sharing files, just click on the “share files” folder.

All new accounts have an “example project” created automatically on setup, existing users (administrators) can create an example project by clicking on the “setup example data” option from the left-hand navigation bar. Once users are familiar with the application, the example project can be deleted. You can even create it again at a later date, should you wish perhaps use it as a training resource for new team members.

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