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Sometimes you have a task that just HAS to be done on time. The consequences of a missed deadline may be just too terrible to contemplate.

For example, if you miss a VAT return deadline you may be subject to surcharge all further penalty. Similarly missing an important milestone within a project can result in a contractual violation, with subsequent penalties and perhaps more importantly discredit with the client concerned. However, it is perhaps where a failure to meet a specific deadline, results in a failure to comply with legislation that the penalties can be most severe.

To cater for such circumstances Collabor8online has now introduced a feature, that enables users to include a series of “escalating alerts” associated with any tasks or “to-do” items within the system.

The process is completely straightforward. Firstly “to-do” is created and assigned to the relevant person, for example to “MaintenanceGuy@Example.co.uk” – “please inspect fire alarm system”. The software will immediately send “MaintenanceGuy” an e-mail advising him that task has been assigned to him (this task may set to automatically re-occur every week, month quarter or whatever). With the new alert to feature–an e-mail “alert” may be sent to “MaintenanceGuy@Example.co.uk” , perhaps 2 days before the test is due, a further reminder may be sent on the day the test is due. At this point we would hope that there is room little chance of anybody missing the task that has been assigned to him. But, difficulties, staff shortages, absence and sickness do occur and so, in the event of the task not being marked as completed by the deadline date a further e-mail alert could be sent to any other stakeholder involved in the project. For example maintenance managers, head teachers, company directors, board members in fact anybody who you need to be aware that an important “non-compliance” event has occurred.

The system allows for three separate alerts warnings to be associated with any to-do item created – the “escalation” can occur at any time, advising other stakeholders that the task has not been completed, even from the first “alert” if you wish. If, at any time, the task is marked as completed the alerts cease and a simple e-mail, confirming that the task has been completed and sent to the instigator (or assignor) of the original task.

It has long been a favourite feature of collabor8online that, once tasks are assigned by managers, they can sit back and enjoy receiving a series of, e-mails advising them when each task is completed. Now they have a further comfort of knowing that if any task falls overdue, they will receive similar notification.

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