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For many businesses, the uptake of BIM is being hampered by unreasonable licence costs being applied by some vendors. Market leaders Autodesk offer a range of Revit licences, but costs frequently run into thousands of pounds per annum and are charged on a per user basis.

The problems are further exacerbated by the fact that some users simply need view only access rather than view edit and design access required by principal designers and architects.

Consequently, a range of low cost IFC model viewers have emerged, we are pleased to announce that Collabor8online can now offer such a solution.

Collabor8online is cloud-based and as the viewers are installed on “our” servers there are no licensing issues, or complex IT infrastructure requirements. Our viewer allows users to view virtual models coming from CAD systems such as Revit, Advance and Bentley, plus a host of others.

The IFC viewer is not included with the standard release of Collabor8online. However for a small one-off fee, it can be added to your account and thereafter normal Collabor8online licensing fees apply, that means unlimited users and unlimited projects, with of course unlimited views

Collabor8online prices start at £99 per month for a professional version £199 for a group version and to £399 for corporate version. The standard system setup fee for Collabor8online is £1500.

If you like to know more about our free IFC viewer call or click numbers below.

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