How often do you use a piece of software and find some feature that frustrates and or annoys you? If you’re like me, probably fairly often… daily ..if not hourly.

Why can’t those software authors just get it right for once! I don’t want to be asked every time about where or what I’d like to save… and yes I would like to run that software that I’ve just downloaded because if I didn’t want to run it I wouldn’t have dowloaded it! … and could somebody please stop my inbox pinging at me every time someone sends me a *&%!@ email!

Software vendors don’t add features for fun, they add them, usually because someone has asked for them.

You see in software, the proverb “one person’s meat is another person’s poison” could not be more true.

In our world of sharing documents a common question we are asked is “Who can see that?” the answer in our case is “Only those users that you have expressly given permission to”, for some clients that will mean “everybody” but equally, it could mean “nobody”.

Next question, “Has that file been saved?” If the answer is Yes, invariably the user would prefer No and vice versa.

Are the users aware that the other users are present? Well “Yes, it is a file sharing system” but equally “No, you can keep it private if you like”… thankfully we can do both.

Is the report available for that – “Yes” – can I view it online – “Yes” – can I print it – “No” … Oh.. I wanted to print it.

It’s hard trying to be all things to all users.

Then you get, “The system I used before did this … can yours do this? “No” (the unspoken question is why aren’t you still using the system that you used before?) Presumably because there was something about it you didn’t like?

So, we come to our latest feature – the ability to “Bulk download” all of the files in an individual folder with just one click. An obvious feature that “should” have been there all along – ‘Yes”, of course we agree, I’m just waiting for someone to ask us to switch it off because they don’t want it.
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