The Enterprise Collaboration Market is set to grow from $26 billion this year to over $49 billion by 2021, give or take a billion that’s a lot of billions 🙂
By way of explanation, the “Enterprise Collaboration Market” includes within its definition File sharing, Synchronisation and Portal and intranet platforms, pretty much what Collabor8online does. Well it’s nice to know were in a growing sector! but even I was surprised to find out how much it had already grown to and more importantly how much it is expected to continue growing!
When I started out with Collabor8online back in 2010 I used to say “we have an online file sharing service..” I constantly received looks of utter and complete bemusement. The more forward people would say “I have no idea what you’re talking about” (I think some of them genuinely thought I’d lost the plot), better informed would people would ask “Why?” But now, people are asking how soon and how much? Why? Well, mostly because people realise that email is not a very efficient way of sharing documents. This is not entirely unconnected to the fact that checking your email inbox has become more and more tiresome primarily due to constant spam emails, which may be of the pure “unadulterated” kind such as “Get rich quick”.. “Get healthy quick”.. Lose weight quick type…or the marginal spam type of activity feed emails from Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter etc. such as ”So-and-so has shared a post about vegans in Tibet” … or “John Smith is now connected to… Somebody you never heard of”… which means that finding that important project or contractual document buried in your ever-growing inbox is becoming more and more difficult. And then of course there is security.
Sharing documents by email is FUNDAMENTALLY insecure. The transmission is insecure at a technical level AND email is essentially an open medium, you send the document to person B then he’s completely free to forward it to person C, D as well as convicts E and F and estate agent G and “that bloke he or she met by the water cooler”.
Tracing document history is also problematic. The “I know I had that document somewhere” scenario occurs all too frequently and heaven help if your email server suffers hiccup, crash, or is replaced by an overzealous IT department.
By contrast, sharing documents using an online portal such as Collabor8online is quick, easy and efficient, documents are easily compartmented in any way you see fit. Order your files along the lines of My Documents, “Project A” documents, “Project B’ documents and or course Christmas party.
So, what solutions are out there? Well most people are aware of Dropbox, sometimes free, quick, easy… But not especially secure and certainly not perceived as betraying a corporate image. Similarly Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive may be convenient for personal or internal use, but when it comes to sharing documents with a third party, businesses generally prefer a more structured and formal approach. Talking of structured and formal SharePoint is always an option. However, I’m not alone in thinking that it’s only an option for those people who like to inflict pain upon themselves. Have spent a working career collecting IT jokes and this is one of my favourites: SharePoint consultant says to SharePoint developer “You start the coding now and then.. I’ll go and find out what they want” Collabor8online works straight out of the box, there is no need to set up any complex IT infrastructure, all you need is a PC or Mac and an Internet connection, you can be up and running in 60 seconds. Simple, effective, secure online document sharing from Collabor8online. *Click Try Now below and register for completely free trial no credit card required. If you’d like to know more click or call 020 3369 6491. Try Now Free 30 Days