The management of a drawing register, including the compilation of issue sheets every time a new batch of drawings are released or updated is a very odious and time-consuming task.  Depending on the exact nature of project involved it can also be very time-consuming, prone to errors and omissions and a source of constant frustration for all those involved in a project.

With Collabor8online the management of the drawing register and the production of issue sheets can now be an automated process, removing the human element, vastly reducing the scope for errors and saving time.

The development and refinement of this feature has been undertaken following consultations with a number of clients, in order to achieve the exact functionality that was required.  The feature has now been fully rolled out across our product range and is available to all Collabor8online users. CEO Colin Barnes explains:


The difficulty we encountered when addressing this issue was we that so many of our clients, architects or consultants would use their own drawing naming convention or adopt that of the main contractor or worse still, adopt some hybrid convention which may be different on each project! We needed to develop a document matching feature that was intelligent enough to cater for the different conventions it encountered, whilst also being easy-to-use, something that is very key for us, we think we’ve achieved that with Smart Add and so far the user response has been excellent.  

Collabor8online’s  drawing register is available in a simple PDF printout  (above) and as a  CSV or spreadsheet export (below) this allows users to reformat, amend or adjust and brand the document exactly as they would like.  The default setting distributes the document automatically to everybody on the distribution list – but, if users so wish they can issue only to selected users from that list.

Read more about managing and controlling documents with Collabor8online here

Collabor8online now produces issue sheets automatically either for the complete drawing register (history) or for the most recent issue, both documents are available to print or export.

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