Citrix, (wonderful organisation, highly creditable products wouldn’t want to criticise them at all) have just offered me a White Paper download entitled “Windows 10 Checklist: Does Your IT Organisation Have What It Takes to Make the Move?”… Like a fool I clicked on the link their email offered. They then proceeded to ask me just about every question imaginable,  name, address, email, position, type of company, business role.

Just when I thought they were going to ask me who I played with at school… the download arrived.

I won’t bore you with the 10 points here but effectively, they listed 10 incredibly arduous steps which it could be considered would form the basis of a structured and organised migration to Windows 10 and then said something like “On the other hand why don’t you use Citrix to save you the bother”,  interesting sales pitch.

However, I can offer my own two-point list okay, make that three points, which may certainly be considered a highly effective strategy when considering any aspect of Windows migration or upgrade it goes like this:

  1. Are you considering migration to Windows 10?
  2. Don’t
  3. Do anything else (and I mean anything)

The problem with using Windows, is it’s a bit like the North-South divide, unless you’ve been there you don’t know it exists.

So, until I migrated over to the “other side” (Apple Macs for those who don’t know), I didn’t know how easy life could be but now I do.  More importantly, almost all of the software using my daily activity is cloud-based so the only local piece of software I’m using is a web browser, in my case Chrome.

The tabs I have open now our own CRM solution K8Online (cloud-based),  WordPress website design (writing this article) cloud-based, help pages for own Collabor8online  application (cloud-based) Accounts software (clear books – cloud-based).  I confess I still have Microsoft Word and Excel .. some things are hard to give up.. but dare I say it, I honestly believe that Microsoft’s days as an software plus operating system all singing all dancing vendor are limited and, much like IBM many years ago, their future lies along a different path.

I will now list a series of articles and blog post that I’ve been banging on about for years and years – just to show that I’m not making this up.

Is Microsoft already dead?

The End XP as we know it

Is Windows8 the Answer?

Windows 8, no 9 no 10!

So long Microsoft

Please enjoy and if you want to talk about the cloud you know where we are.

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