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Enough is enough surely but when is enough not enough, in other words how much online storage space do you really need.

Let me start by saying almost everybody overestimates the storage requirements. Even modest PCs now come with hundreds of gigabyte of hard disk space and for servers, a Terabyte (1000 GB) would generally be seen to represent a minimum starting point.  But how much of that storage space is used for applications and programs and how much really is pure data?

The truth with storage base is that is it’s difficult to determine.

…and there’s the problem with assessing your online file storage requirements. You may reasonably estimate your own requirements are perhaps as low as 10 GB, but there are other users, maybe 10 may be more, so is that 100 GB, 200 GB?  And then of course there’s the duration of your project one year, two year, five years or mores, will 200 GB really be seen as sufficient a few years down the line?

That is the comfort of unlimited storage space. Your immediate storage requirements are met and you have the assurance that your future storage requirements, whatever they may be, will also be met with no increase in cost.

Naturally such a comfort comes at a price, but disk space prices are coming down throughout the world. With Collabor8online you can also be assured your data will always be stored within the UK ensuring compliance with all appropriate standards including UK data protection laws without the exposure to US homeland security requirements.

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