unlimited-highspeedCollabor8online offers unlimited projects and unlimited users, the only restriction we place on our systems is the amount of disk space we make available for storing project documentation.

The reasoning behind unlimited users is not simply motivated by aiming to produce the most “competitive” package we can – although it certainly helps! It’s done specifically to ensure that users don’t “share” login details.  By giving each individual user their own login id and password (at no cost to either themselves or the account holder) we can be sure that when a user does login and, downloads a drawing or document specification, or marks a task as complete or updates an existing document, we can be certain that it WAS that user that completed that task and this information will be reflected in the project audit trail.

Collabor8online’s professional package is priced at just £99 per month, certainly, some of our clients working on larger projects have in excess of 100 users accessing their account – With Collabor8online you can share project documents and files from less than £1 pound per user per month

Collabora8’s activity audit shows who created, modified or downloaded any content. The complete system activity audit trail is available to system administrators and is produced in a downloadable CSV (spreadsheet format),

There is also an activity feed on every user’s homepage, which shows each user who did what and where but only on content that they have permission to view.

Unlimited users – limited hassle – Collabor8online

There is no better way to share files and communicate

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