Microsoft-buys-LinkedIn-for-26.2-billionSo, Microsoft have bought LinkedIn for £18bn.

When you combine this information with the fact that they bought Skype a few years ago you can draw a few interesting conclusions.

Firstly – that Microsoft are buying their way into the cloud

Secondly – for those of us who have enjoyed using LinkedIn, it’s a shame that it’s now likely to go the same way as Skype and become pretty awful!

Sorry for enjoying another piece of Microsoft bashing but we have been banging on about Microsoft’s repeated failures for many years.

Microsoft’s domain was the personal PC or desktop PC, the cloud is long since belonged to Google and people who followed their mantra – Microsoft are just desperately scrambling along and trying to catch up. In many ways, the decision to raid their cash pile (actually, we read that they are taking on some debt to fund this purchase) is in many ways an admission that the cloud is not their space and to gain any traction in it they are having to purchase other businesses who have already established a foothold.

“Unfortunately businesses that acquire other businesses usually immediately forget why they bought them and proceed to turn them into clones of themselves thereby defeating the object of the acquisition.”

Which is why we smile and try not to look too smug when people ask us how we are coping with SharePoint as a competitor. The truth is, we don’t compete at all, if people use our product (even view it via demonstration) they quickly recognise see the advantages that we offer, not the least unlimited users and unlimited projects are far cry from Microsoft’s per seat, somewhat dated pricing policy.

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A Little bit of more of Microsoft bashing.