Your own portal to store your PAT testing results?

Many clients are now looking for more than a simple PAT testing service. They are looking to be able to access the results of their tests via an online portal or similar. Traditional methods, of communicating results by email or hard copy may meet regulatory requirements but does nothing  to “enhance” the service delivered to the client.  Emails can get lost or misplaced, misdirected or sent to the wrong members of staff. In some cases security may be an issue, testing results may be sensitive in nature and the client may prefer access to results via their own secure password and login.

White Label Service (re-brand as your own)

Collabor8online provides a white label service whereby testing companies can distribute test results quickly, easily and securely online but in such a way that the client may retrieve their own information at any time they choose. What is more this communication may become two-way, with clients updating and amending their asset details as equipment is upgraded or recycled. The information can be stored using conventional document formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF files. Meaning with virtually no changes to existing methods of operation, companies can extend their services to include an Online portal service.

Revenue Generating

Collabor8online allows “Unlimited” users,  this means that any number of clients can be added to your own system (Clients DO not have to subscribe to our service) which means that either you can charge more for this enhanced surface or charge clients an additional fee for access as and when they require it.

Setting up Collabor8online account is easy, no IT expertise or infrastructure is required, just a PC or Mac with an Internet connection, you can be up and running in seconds. Contact us for more information