Most businesses are happy to share SOME of their documentation with SOME of their clients, contacts or team members. Very few businesses are happy to share ALL of their documents with ALL of their contacts!

The ideal solution lies somewhere between those two extremes, it’s to share SOME things with ALL of the people and ALL things with a FEW of the people!

The good news is,  Collabor8online lets you decide exactly who you share what with and when.   Collabor8online allows you to create separate folders (and subfolders) for each project, you can grant permissions (or access) to each folder, what’s more the permissions can be view only, view and edit or in extreme cases view edit and delete.  This means that you can fine tune your access levels, some of your team or contacts may be able to view all project folders and some may be restricted to just the projects that they are directly involved in.

What really makes this feature work is that when a user logs in, if he (or she) doesn’t have permission to view a folder he doesn’t even see it,  he only sees the folders he has permission to view. As far as he is aware he seeing all of the available documentation, only you know that you have restricted him to just a few projects folders.

Let’s explain this further with a bit of narrative!

Here’s Jim – He’s helping us with our Airport project (when he logs in – he only sees the Airport folders) –  he actually doesn’t think we have any other projects on the system (Because he can’t see any of the folders)










Here’s Bill –  He’s helping us with our Recycling Project –  the thing is Bill and Jim are rivals we need to make sure that their work doesn’t “overlap”. No problem–because when Bill logs in he’ll only see, the Recycling Project folders, he will be completely unaware that the Airport project exists (or that Jim is involved in it!).










Here’s Albert –  he’s our Financial Controller, we need him to see all the projects (but is only really interested in the financials)–no problem–will give him access to all projects but only the folders containing financial information. That keeps his life simple and he likes it that way.












So, with Collabor8online each of your users only gets to see what you want them to see, furthermore you can let some users view and edit or contribute and other users view only – You can give some of your team access to ALL aspects of a project and for others, restrict their access to just part of the project they are working on.

For a more thorough overview see the vice “All about Permissions

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