More and more consulting companies are choosing to share their documents and correspondence online for obvious reasons. Invariably documentation forms part of the consultative process both as an import (source) documents and as an output (deliverables).

Clients will (hopefully) provide a comprehensive brief for the project. This may, depending on the nature of the project, range from an informal engagement letter or may extend to a full and comprehensive set of specifications, drawings and designs covering every aspect of the clients’ requirements.

It is imperative that these original source documents are stored safely and securely and in such a way that they can be referred back to, if need be during the project.

Of course, during the lifetime of any project changes happen and the exact detail of the specification may change from the outset. In fact project details may change several times during the lifetime of a project. It is imperative therefore that a full change (version) history of all documents is maintained.

Progress reports, milestones, and deadlines may also needed to be reported on and shared with the project team.

And, upon project completion the end deliverables will need to be supplied be that a set of documentation, test results, compliance reports or simply a set of images and correspondence confirming project completion.

Collabor8Online allows project managers to store, manage and share project documentation with the whole team quickly and easily. Additional features allow tasks, deadlines and calendars to be shared, timesheets entered and recorded and even the project value is assessed.

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