“If you were to order a garden shed and your supplier delivered you a garden shed–that would be Collabor8online. If your supplier delivered you some wood, with instructions on how to put it together, that would be SharePoint.”

We’re not attempting to be overly critical here, merely to highlight some fundamental differences. There may certainly be some advantages and effectively “building your own” shed. You could make it slightly bigger, slightly smaller, taller, wider and more woody? But the point we’re trying to make is that although you may be provided with excellent instructions, or templates and assembly may be relatively easy,  some work would be required to get your shed (or project) put together. Indeed, if we may continue the metaphor, no matter how carefully you follow the instructions, you’ll probably find a piece left over that does not quite fit, or perhaps a piece missing? Such are the joys of developing your own application.

With Collabor8online  – You can be up and running in 60 seconds, or less.

Alternatively, Collabor8online works straight out of the box, rather, it is delivered to you (or your Internet browser to be more precise) as a complete working solution. Sure enough, when you initially login, there will be no “content”, but there will be a “Create New Folder” button, and once you’ve created your first folder, you will see more warm and friendly buttons inviting you to Add Files or Add Attachments.

Practically speaking, this frequently comes down to resource. If you have an IT team or just a “tame” software developer sitting in a darkened room waiting for something to do, then building your own SharePoint solution will be a viable option. You could have your guy develop exactly what you want and whilst you will have to endure the trials and tribulations of the software development process [typically, specify, develop, adjust specification, redevelop, test – usually a bit of shouting involved here- and then deploy] you have a good chance of getting exactly the solution you require.

But if you don’t have such resource (or don’t want them) then Collabor8online is just 60 seconds away, AND you don’t even need a credit card.

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