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Using Collabor8online with a tablet device is an absolute breeze,  no more so than with the Microsoft surface 2. The video below gives a quick overview:

The surface 2 has a couple of distinct advantages, firstly as Microsoft office is included with the product, you have instant access to all Word and Excel or other Microsoft documents, So you can view, edit and upload new content if you wish. also, because Collabor8online integrates seamlessly with e-mail, the inclusion of Outlook means your Project e-mails is immediately routed into the relevant project folder, keeping all of your project  communications together and in one place.



Here’s a video we did some time ago showing Collabor8online with an iPad. (Check out the older version of the software Collabor8online has been around for over 5 YEARS!)


Whether you’re a Microsoft or Apple fan, you get a great user experience with Collabor8online


More Videos about New Features Here

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