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With Collabor8online Premium

When we tested this beast we were really impressed with the speed of the product. You can zip, between folders products, pages and documents in seconds. Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that you have access to all of your files, whenever you’re connected and wherever you are, be that office on site or on location. There’s no need to synchronise folders, create backups copy or move data, because Collabor8online is cloud-based you have access to all your files all the time. what is more, the surface includes Office, meaning that you can open edit and save your Microsoft documentation as well as continuing to communicate with your team via e-mail.

Take every file, every drawing, every image with you wherever you go with this fantastic Microsoft surface 2. Thinner, faster and lighter than before and with Office 2013 RT (including Outlook) so you can do more.



Offer Details

  • Collabor8online premium edition or above
  • 1 year annual subscription required at £588 + vat required and
  • Receive 1 Microsoft Surface 2 completely FREE

Offer only available while stocks last

Terms & Conditions

Product specification Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet Windows 8.1 RT, 32 GB, 10.6″(1920 x 1080) rear camera + front camera microSD slot Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Please note:Tablet functionality varies from device to device and is dependent on operating system and browser used, functionality of Collabor8online may well be different from PC or Mac based browsers; Payment in full required with order, major credit cards accepted Delivery: Collabor8online account activated instantly following payment; Hardware device normally despatched within 24 hours; offer available to new accounts only and may not be combined with any other offer.


For more information Call 020 3369 6491

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