“Show me how” videos to guide you through the product.


Create your first folder (or Project)



Add attachments (files) to a folder

NEW UPDATED Version Going Live June-July 2014


Add Images to a folder



Add Note or Text to a folder



What's the difference between a Page and a Folder

When you create a page you get to decide what icon is attached to it and pages can only be created within folders – so Pages are designed to show key content within a folder, that are slightly “set apart” from more standard content. For example, health and safety information, telephone contact lists or anything that you would like to draw your users attention to


Icons – Watch lists, Comments, Update and Lock Files

NEW Email Integration and more See bottom of Page


To-do lists

Updated – Recurring To- Dos with Alerts See bottom of Page



NEW Google Outlook iCall Integration See bottom of Page


All About Permissions – how you control what your users can see



A little More Advanced


Add Attachments to To-Do Items



New features recently introduced

Expand any item for individual notes

To-Do items now Recurring and with Alerts.

To-do items can now be made recurring. Simple recurring patterns can be selected such as daily, weekly or yearly or, within or custom option allows the selection of specific dates or days, and different recurring intervals such as every second day, 12 weeks or fifth year. Additionally “alerts or warnings” can be automatically sent to any team member advising them that tasks or up-and-coming or that deadline dates have been missed altogether (See video Below).

To-Do items now include times.

Previously, to-do items (or tasks) were was considered to be full day (or multi-day) events. Now you can allocate a start and finish time to any To Do Items. These times will be passed seamlessly via the Google calendar link to any desktop calendars that you use such as Outlook or those associated with your mobile tablet devices. See Video below

New Time Picker

We’ve also taken the opportunity of introducing a new “time picker”, we felt that the old sliders were a little bit clunky so we’ve introduced this new option which we believe is easy-to-use. Click on the tiny clock icon, at the bottom of the dates pane to select times, you can increment times by either using the up or down arrows on the screen, or clicking on the time itself will allow you to jump to any particular time. The same feature is included for selecting minutes. See Video below

E-mail integration Enhanced - Video

E-mail integration (that is the ability to receive e-mails within any folder as well as send them) e-mail integration was rolled out some months ago. This product has proved so popular that we are now displaying the folders unique e-mail address right in the centre of the title bar. You can e-mail content including attachments and in-line images straight to a folder from Outlook, Gmail or any e-mail client Read More – Video.

Desktop file sync tool- Available to System Admin

Our desktop file sync tool (that allows you you to synchronise folders from your PC or Mac automatically to corresponding folders within collaborate online) has previously only been available on request. This will now be made available to system administrators at the bottom of their left-hand navigation bar adjacent to other system administrator tools

Related topics – Video Links

More About – Google Calendar Link

More About – Desktop File Synchronisation

To Do Items with Times (New Time Picker)

To Do Items in Google Calendar

Recurring To Do Items with Alerts

Recurring To Do Items with Alerts (More Detail)

New features rolled out over (Easter) 2013

Full Video Here Expand any item for individual videos

Google Calendar Link

Your homepage calendar can now be automatically synchronised with Google calendar, synchronisation works one way only, so appointment and tasks entered into Collabor8online can be viewed in your Google Calendar.   however, if you enter appointments directly into your Google calendar, these will not be posted back to your collabor8online homepage calendar. This preserves system integrity and security. To activate the link,  navigate to “Your Details” from the homepage,  scroll down to just below the photo/avatar and click on ‘ link to your Google account’.  You will then be able to select which Google calendar  your appointments/tasks should be exported to. NOTE it is essential that the e-mail address that you use for collabo8online is the same, as that which is associated with your Google calendar,  however, this does NOT need to be a Google or Gmail  e-mail address. VIEW VIDEO 

Automatic Update of Version Numbers

When uploading  attachments or files system will now automatically detect whether a previous version of that file has been uploaded, if so it will give you the option to upload the file again (as a separate entry in the attachments list) or automatically  update the revision number  of the existing attachment/file. VIEW VIDEO

New Attachment Title Field

 An additional field “title” may now be entered when uploading attachments/files, what is more this title can be  of any length ( You could write a whole paragraph if you like), the title will be displayed immediately underneath the file name. If you do not enter a title non-will be displayed, saving space within the attachment list VIEW VIDEO

Admin Can Change Attachment Names

System Administrators can now  add new, or edit existing attachment types names used when adding attachments. What’s more you can disable previous names if you no longer use them,  this will cause them to no longer be displayed in the drop-down list of attachment types, however any previously uploaded attachments will  continue to use their original descriptions. To edit  click on the Attachment Types button on the homepage NOTE  this option is available for system administrators only VIEW VIDEO

Admin Can Change Event Names

System Administrators can now  add new, or edit existing Event Names used when adding appointments/events to the calendar. What’s more you can disable previous names if you no longer use them,  this will cause them to no longer be displayed in the drop-down list of event types, however any previously  entered events will continue to use their original descriptions. To edit  click on the Event Types button on the homepage NOTE  this option is available for system administrators only VIEW VIDEO

To Do Items now Colour Coded

Each user can now be assigned a colour, and any “To Do” items or tasks assigned to them will be displayed in that colour on the project and homepage calendars. This makes it super easy to see who was working on any project at any time. Also the full description of the task or event will be displayed within the colour bar  directly on the calendar. Further information can be seen when  you hover your mouse over any task–see “Improved Tooltips” NOTE Only System Administrators can assign colours to individual users, via the All Users (LH navigation Bar) – then Edit user details option SEE VIDEO

Alpha Revisions Instead of Numeric

System administrators can now decide whether to use alpha revision numbers (A,B,C etc) or  to stay with numeric (1,2,3 etc) simply navigate to company details from the homepage and tick the ‘Use Alphanumeric Versions’  toward the bottom of the page. NOTE: This option is available from administrators only NOTE when using Alpha version numbers, when manually adjusting or incrementing, the numeric value should still be entered  in this case 1=A, 2=B 3=C etc VIEW VIDEO

Activity Feed – Show More

The homepage activity feed now has an option to show more,  the feature is also been added to the activity feed located under “your details”  accessed by clicking on your username in the homepage. We didn’t produce a video to demonstrate this function, we believed its use was intuitive enough, if you don’t believe us just go to your homepage, scroll down to the bottom and click on “load more” button 🙂


Here is the full (8 min) video that walks you through all of these enhancements, individual videos are located against each point in the table above.


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