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Most businesses need to share files.  with collabor8online you can share files easily and conveniently. We’ve used an explorer style interface that just about every computer user is  familiar with.  What is more Collabor8online  is safe and secure. All of our file servers are located within the UK,  our sales and support teams are UK-based,  you can call us at any time. Support is free.

You can comment on documents  and share those comments by e-mail, Collabor8online  will keep all your project correspondence in one place. You can lock files and automatic version control, ensures that everybody always has the most up-to-date version.

Collabor8onlien also  integrates seamlessly with email, whether you use Outlook, Mac mail, Gmail or whatever, all of your project correspondence is routed automatically back to your project folder, keeping all of your correspondence and documentation in one place.

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 share files