What’s New In Version 2.0

Collabor8online V2 is a brand-new product, re-written from the ground up to embrace the latest technology and meet the document management requirements of the construction sector. With the benefit of 10 years real usage of our original product, we were able to identify the specific needs of our clients and develop the product accordingly.

Our new mobile and tablet friendly interface, allows users to seamlessly connect office and site, take control of their projects and create a common data environment that is immediately accessible to project managers, teams, subcontractors and clients.

Collabor8online allows contractors to reduce errors,  promote visibility by recording exactly who did what and when and connect all project stakeholders on one simple to use coordinated platform. Our pricing policy does not PENALISE companies for adding more users or indeed growing their business and increasing turnover.

Whatever your construction document management needs, Collabor8online has a version appropriate for your budget, project and team.












Introducing RFI’s. Create, monitor and manage all of your project RFI’s directly from Collabor8online. Connect the site and the office seamlessly allowing the fast flow of information across all of your projects whilst maintaining a full audit trail. RFI’s integrate seamlessly with our new Project and Company Dashboards ensuring you get a complete picture of your RFI’s across individual on multiple projects at a glance.

Raise RFI’s Straight from the site.

Manage Your RFI’s approval process across your projects

Link RFI’s to an individual or multiple files


We have fully redesigned our interface. The familiar explorer-style left-hander bar is still here but is substantially upgraded with a raft of new features and looks incredible. Allowing our users to stay connected to the projects in the most effective way possible.

Lightning Fast Interface 

Use Collabor8online on any mobile or tablet 

Seamlessly switch between your projects

Drag and drop files and folders 

Free Demo

Request a free demo and start sharing your files securely and easily within your business.

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Introducing Collabor8online project and company dashboards. Fully customisable dashboards to Display the key information for each of your projects.


RFI Assigned to you RFI’s Assigned by you

Snags – Assigned to you and Assigned by you

Spot potential issues before they occur

Add Maps, Status Summary and Activity Feeds .

Fully customise each project dashboard


With the introduction of user groups, Collabor8online administrators can quickly manage system permissions across multiple projects with the click of a button whilst maintaining specific control of key folders that may contain sensitive information.


Quickly add new users to groups 

At a glance see a user’s full system permissions on a project.

Make large scale changes to system permissions with a few clicks.

Prices and Plans

We offer a wide range of systems and services to enable our clients Manage projects online and share documents quickly & efficiently with unlimited users


Introducing Collabor8online inline viewer. Uses can view PDF documents directly from your browser without the need to download. You can then use a raft of new features including markup and raising our RFI’s directly from the drawing 

View any PDF directly from the browser without any need to download.

Mark up any PDF in the cloud. Label defects and Issues

Raise an RFI from a drawing.

Store and View multiple file markups

Please note that the development schedule is subject to change. Version two features will be rolled out in phases and may not all be available at launch.