Fetaured-Brexit-ImageThe implications of Brexit are that we’ve chosen to go it alone rather than run with the Herd. Leaving the political ramifications aside for others to debate, we consider the ramifications from a purely economic or well-being point of view, for the beast that is known as the UK.

We stopped running with the Herd, because we considered it was no longer in our best interests. The herd wasn’t doing well and wasn’t showing any signs of improvement, despite a very loud and clear call for change from herd members. On the other hand, as an individual beast we had been doing quite well. Our coat was glossy, our nose cold and wet, our tail was even beginning to wag a little.

So, no more running with the European herd for us, we are off into the world to find other beasts to run with.

But what of your business, what can Brexit teach you?


1. Look after your herd.

Are you looking after your team members? Are they informed do they have access to the information they need. Collabor8online allows you to share information with your team securely yet openly. Access is easily controlled at each project folder level. Meaning that teams working on the same project have access to the same information. Perhaps more importantly team members are not bombarded with information about projects they’re not working on. This fosters an inclusive, open and communicative environment that rewards dedication and application and yet allows innovation to thrive. Good for the Herd.

2. Listen

Online collaboration is much like an open plan office, project specific conversation threads can be seen by all (who have permission), task completion and progress can be monitored, documents shared online. The results can be astounding – someone is having problem X, another user has had that problem before and shares how he or she overcame that difficulty. This breeds collaboration, a willingness to share, a desire to achieve kudos by being seen as a good team player. Good for the Herd.

3. Be Transparent

Project documentation can be published managed to maintain centrally, version numbers automatically incremented. The latest version of the latest document is always visible to all, one version of the truth emerges and there is no longer a dispute about who had what and when – everybody knows where everything is. This can extend outside the herd to those clients and contacts there are in fact the lifeblood of any business. Inclusiveness breeds success. Good for the Herd

4. Don’t waste time

An open approach to project documentation and management reduces mistakes and as a result saves time and reduces costs. The same approach when applied to project communication and task management has a similar effect. The need to review progress with meetings and committees is reduced if not removed altogether. Information can be obtained remotely from site home or office leading to reductions in travelling time and letting people focus on doing their job rather than even getting from A to B or talking about how they’re going to achieve their goals. Good for the Herd.

5. Delight your Customers and your Herd

It’s no longer enough to satisfy your customers and pacify your staff. The open and transparent approach is seen as a refreshing change and an inclusive one. Clients don’t have to contact you and request information; they can visit your online document-sharing platform and download it for themselves. Your staff can see who’s doing what and when, communication between team members becomes peer-to-peer based, is open and inclusive rather than traditional pyramid shape seniority-based communication channels that can breed both contempt and cause blockages and delays. Good for the Herd.

Be open, be innovative, be receptive to change, online file sharing and project management shows your team and your clients that your Herd is one to stay with. Good for You.

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