Whilst many users think of “The Cloud” is simply the Internet (and in most cases they are right) the true Cloud concept means that computing power is available on demand, much like the way we use electricity in our homes or businesses. If we need to switch another light on, we simply switch it on, we don’t have to call the Electricity company to arrange that they provide us with more power first! That is the way that Cloud computing is supposed to work and at Collabor8online we’ve embraced that concept with our move to Dynamic Storage.

Rather than our storage system being based on a single file server, with a fixed capacity and storage space,  all of our data is now replicated to three distinct physical storage servers in two geographically distinct availability zones (in other words three separate file servers in two separate data centres).

As well as offering truly dynamic, immediately expandable storage, this method offers extremely high standards of “resilience” basically because there is no single point of failure. If any storage system (or entire data centre) should fail, there would still be two copies in existence. The system would immediately “self heal” by replicating the data to a further location, ensuring continued resilience even in the event of catastrophic failures.

With this increased flexibility we can now offer increased storage, with our Professional version now including 100 GB of data and our Corporate account  offering unlimited data storage – Please call 0161 820 1642 for details.

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