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For Contractors .. By Contractors

Timesheet  Entry online

Designed by Contractors …for Contractors

When designing our latest enhancement to Collabor8online,  we have drawn heavily on our experience of over 25 years within the Contracting industry, both as vendors and as Contractors! (We were once contractors ourselves).

Operatives can enter their hours directly from site, or from home, access is even available via mobile device if you prefer. This means that there is no need  for operatives to travel to and from the office to record their hours and the information is available immediately online for processing and production of invoices if required.

This innovation reduces time, cuts costs and enables rapid billing and ensures faster payment.


For those who prefer to control these tasks carefully, entry of time sheets can be restricted to selected users and only be carried out by supervisors only.  If you wish,  you can further ensure that time is only be recorded against  preallocated tasks,  enabling tight control on how individual hours are booked against jobs.

Export routines, unable system to integrate seamlessly with third-party billing accounting or invoicing systems and our technical staff are on hand at any time to assist you in getting the system up and running quickly.

Your only 60 seconds away from a free trial, and one phone can activate the timesheets feature for the duration of your free trial.  The free trial is entirely risk-free,  simply cancel within 30 days and you will not be charged at all–NO credit card is required.


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What if your project manager was …?

Off Sick/Missing/Wanted by the police*

[*delete as appropriate]

This of course is a “Key personnel” issue, how could you or your business cope if an important member of your staff was, for some reason absent or just plain unavailable? People become “unavailable” for a variety of reasons sickness being probably the most common, anything from a heavy cold to a heart attack can cause even the most dependable team member to “cry off”.

But other reasons, often less dramatic but no less real abound; family crises, car breakdowns, strikes, volcanoes, Valerie from typing (okay, I’m pushing in the last point but if I asked you to fill your own in here, I’m sure you could!)

People being people (not machines) occasionally have to absent themselves from work and the question is, could you cope?

Of course timing is everything, a few weeks warning would be nice but often is not forthcoming.  The call typically comes on a Friday afternoon, the key staff member who was organising the event/project/meeting on Monday is in hospital/detained (or whatever) somebody needs to step in quickly and fill his/her place.

So where do you start? Where had your key person got up to? Where is the paperwork, guest-list, Project documents, contact details or timetable. Please don’t say was all on his laptop! Or on the office file server! It’s weekend and the IT department are most definitely not around.

At this point the cloud based project management system would probably seem like a good idea. Projects can be organised around standard templates, so another team member who has to step in at short notice will see a familiar format and most importantly, all the project documentation will be immediately visible to him/her.

Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, a little light reading over the weekend should bring your new project manager up to speed, and Mondays’ event or meeting can go ahead without a hiccup.

In fact, your clients and contacts will probably be all the more impressed, recognising that you had the infrastructure in place to overcome such difficulties.

Of course with a cloud-based system the infrastructure need not be yours at all, all you need is a PC with an Internet connection (also available at most modern coffee shops!), to connect to your own private portion of the cloud where your project documentation can be stored and retained safely.

We’ve often written in the past about physical disasters, fires, thefts or floods and how our cloud-based solutions can help you overcome them. But of course most businesses will have insurance to cover such events, personal disasters are in fact more common and as such it is necessary to create your own insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about sharing documents, managing projects and communicating with Collabor8Online, click or call the numbers below.


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Staying in touch

Will you be staying in touch with your office this Christmas?

We are expecting answers ranging from a resounding “NO WHEYYY!” to a quiet “Yes probably, just to see what’s happening you understand, nothing too heavy, just keeping in touch really”. Just for fun why not complete our survey below; remember this is a Dynamic Poll so if you don’t agree with the answers we’ve suggested you can put in your own!

Collecting e-mails is one way of staying in touch but putting your project management systems “online” opens up a whole new way of keeping a quiet “eye” on things without needing to neglect all matters Christmas and Turkey related.

Collabor8 allows you to put a “watch” on certain folders or “documents” so that you will be alerted automatically by e-mail, whenever relevant content changes. This way you can step back from day-to-day involvement with any project and only focus on those areas that really matter. Of course, having all of your project documentation on line means that you can always get to that drawing, specification or correspondence that you need to refer to, even when you’re a away from your office. It’s like having your whole file server with you, even when you don’t?

If you’d like to know more about staying connected, call 0161 820 1642 or click or Try for Free here Prices and Plans.

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Stuck In the Snow?

Stuck in the snow, why not Collabor8online?

This week has surely seen more people “home working” than ever before; the interesting question is how many of them had access to all the relevant information they needed?

With Collabor8 online all project documentation drawings or specifications can be held online, with the appropriate project or team members being given a unique user name and password – allowing access to their relevant information. The system is completely secure, insofar as only invited team members can log onto the system. Once logged on they will only see the folders, documents or files that they have permission to view or edit (if they have the right permission).

Whether you’re trying to plough through the snow, or are simply stuck in a more familiar traffic jam, this might be a good time to wonder whether you’d appreciate the benefits of collaborating online.

So if you’re interested in communicating quickly and efficiently with clients, contacts and team members alike, why not click here to request an online demonstration (should take about 20 minutes). Let’s face it, in this weather you’re not going anywhere else!