What happened at British Airways would appear to be a bit of a mystery. Would such a global organisation really rely on a system backup, that was actually stored in the same place as the original data? Difficult to believe certainly, but there’s no doubt that IT systems can be as complex as the webs we weave when we practice to deceive šŸ™‚

Modern systems, such as Collabor8online have multiple points of redundancy. In our case, files that clients share using our platform are stored in three separate and distinct locations instantaneously, consequently system resilience is built-in, to the extent that it can automatically accommodate not one but two complete separate and distinct system failures and continue to operate without interruption. In the event of a third failure, a system restore from a separate location, which data is archived to overnight, would be required. Code and other system components are evenly distributed and replicated around the web and locally. System failure is simply not an option.

The requirement to haveĀ built in system resilience isĀ driving more and moreĀ users toward cloud-based solutions like ours.

The question businesses need to determine, is in the event of a completeĀ and catastrophic failure are twofold, firstly, how quickly could you get your systems back up and running? Secondly would there be any data loss? If you’re using a cloud-based solution, Ā the answers would be 1. As quickly asĀ you can get to another Internet connection, and 2. None.

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