Circle of trust

In life, as well as in business there are always people you trust. Family, friends business associates, perhaps people who you’ve worked with the many years. Perhaps you’ve learned to depend on them, perhaps they depend on you but either way, they tick the the Like, Know and Trust boxes.

With these people you’re happy to share. Information, documentation, projects, files, facts and figures, some of it no doubt sensitive, perhaps some is positively confidential, but within your circle of trust you are happy to share.

Equally, there are people with whom you would prefer not to share. Perhaps not even the time of day! It may be that you have to share some information with them, but not everything.

Collabor8online lets you decide who is in your circle of trust and lets you share your information with them, privately, safely and securely. What is more, whilst you may also share information with people outside your circle of trust, Collabor8online does so in such a way that they do not know that they’ve been excluded.

To put it another way, Barry (from accounts) does not know that he is not in your circle of trust, most especially he doesn’t know who is.

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