secure online document sharing secure

Secure online document sharing

Secure online document sharing

Collabor8online provides a solution for all your online document sharing and project management needs, allowing you to manage your projects easily. Collabor8online allows you share your documents online, images, events and much more within your project, facilitating online document sharing in one centralised location, accessible by multiple project participants with varying roles and privileges.
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Task Management online

As well as sharing documents, you can create tasks for colleagues or other team members.  the system keeps you informed of tasks you have assigned, tasks you have assigned to others even informing you when any task is completed. New Recurring tasks with Alerts!

Web-based project management

You can invite colleagues, contacts and clients to your  online document sharing system with a simple e-mail invitation. Sophisticated security tools allow you to grant them access to their own projects and work areas whilst restricting them from viewing others. Our hosted service allows you to upload any number of documents (Word, Excel pdf, dwg – basically whatever you like!)  and of course images and videos of project progress.

Easy to use online project management

Control Access

Once the documentation is uploaded it, it can be made available to every party involved in the project (although you control access at every stage) this helps collaboration between all of the departments and disciplines involved in each project;  and of course Collabor8online helps you save money on printing, courier and distribution costs. Video about Permissions

Access from Anywhere

You can keep track of tasks and project deadlines easily, comment on documents or progress and share information with the rest of your team,  collabor8online construction project management software allows you to manage your projects the easy way.

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