Why is Collabor8online better than Dropbox?

Let’s get one thing out in the open before we start–we’re not “dissing” dropbox in any way whatsoever, it’s an excellent product and it fulfils a specific need for a great number of (we’re sure) very satisfied clients. It’s just that it sets out to do a limited number of things and it does them very well. Collabor8online does more. Alternative to dropbox

The biggest functional difference is that Dropbox automatically synchronises content. You don’t get to decide when you “push your content” out to The Cloud to be shared with your colleagues and contacts, it happens automatically. With collabor8Online you make a positive decision, when you are ready, to put your content into your “shared” space. In that sense the programs actually satisfy different requirements. Although you can Synchronise Files with Our DeskTop Sync Tool if you wish

Did we mention the Collabor8online also includes automatic version control, If you upload a document and then replace it with a more recent version, Collabor8online will automatically replace the existing document and increment the version number

This leaves everyone in no doubt which is the most up-to-date copy. Furthermore, Collabor8 keeps all historical versions and administrators have the ability to revert to a previous version if they wish.

With Dropbox there is also the issue of security, once synchronised the data is downloaded onto the local device of any user you are “sharing with”, even if you switch off that connection, the last version of content remains on the device.  A potential problem if for example a laptop is stolen or simply sold or passed on to a colleague.

Also, if you’re sharing the contents of your folders with Dropbox it’s either all or nothing. You can’t offer users restricted access to your content. With Collabor8online you can offer view only, view and edit and view edit and delete permission levels. Furthermore permissions are set for each folder independently, so you can share some content with some users, different content with different users and in each case decide whether they should just be able to view only, or view and edit (and even delete if you want to really share!)

Collabor8Online “Watch” any folder or document on the system will automatically send you an e-mail any time that content is updated. Calendars for each project, To-do lists for each project & Messages or comments about content and share (via e-mail) with your contacts.

DropBox Doesn’t have calendars, Doesn’t have to-do lists and Doesn’t have messages/comments

So, Dropbox is a great application that does some things the collabor8online doesn’t do (e.g. synchronise), but it DOESN’T do it a lot of things that collaborate DOES do, such as have watch folders, calendars, to-do lists, messages and e-mail integration.

Hope we’ve cleared that up?

Collabor8Online You decide when and what to share, Content is not automatically downloaded to remote device, Can grant view only permission, Permissions set on each folder, Automatic Version Control of Documents Includes, Calendars, To-do lists, Messages.

DropBox Synchronises automatically (you have no control about when), Content automatically downloaded to remote devices, Share all or nothing, No Version Control, No Calendars, To-do lists or Messages.

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Alternative to dropbox

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