Is issuing project drawings as simple as it could be?

Perhaps we should ask this question in the form of a survey?

So, one more time is issuing project drawings and specifications:

1. Simple and straightforward
2. Difficult and time-consuming
3. A nightmare

The next question would probably be why?

Not, why as in why is it difficult? but rather why as why do allow it to become difficult and problematic when there are a variety of tools available to make this task easier and less time-consuming?

I’m sure we all start with good intentions, you have some drawings to issue, there are several stages that need to be addressed.

Firstly, there’s the good old drawing register that will need to be updated (where’s that kept again?) Then the “interested parties”, “contractors and subcontractors” clients, and of course your own team (I think the generic term is stakeholders), need to be informed and finally but of course not least the content itself needs to be delivered.
Taking that stage by stage identifies the hurdles:

  • Where was that drawing register kept again–is it easy to update?
  • Then things get a little more complicated exactly who are the stakeholders on this project? Probably almost the same as the last project , but not quite (must be sure to include everybody, the consequences of missing one or two persons out can be quite catastrophic!).
  • Finally of course the content needs to be delivered. Depending on which decade your business is working in that could be print multiple copies (oh dear the cost!), package up (time and effort, distress), deliver (postage, courier, carrier pigeon, or carrier eagle more like!)
  • But no, let’s be realistic–nowadays its e-mail, much easier surely! – Perhaps not, [your e-mail has been rejected] because it was too large/too suspicious looking/not from our own department/your client did not get the e-mail/did get it but lost it/replied to you with amendments (which you now need to reintroduce and start the whole process again)
I did mention there was an easier way.

Create a project folder in Collabor8online
Upload the drawing register
Upload the drawings

That’s it – Collabor8online does all the rest for you!

When you upload amended drawings to Collabor8online, it will automatically notify all stakeholders and  increment document version numbers. You can access documentation stored on Collabor8online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from anywhere with an internet connection.

All comments, feedback and contributions are channeled back through Collabor8online giving you one channel of communication, leading to one version of the truth and less frequent nightmares!

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